Matthew Downie - TAAP Cervelo Wins Road Race
13th May 2018

Matthew Downie - TAAP Cervelo Wins Road Race

Congratulation to Matthew Downie of TAAP Cervelo, who today won the Bec Road Race over 74 hard fought miles in Ashdown Forest.Download Photos...

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Race and Ride Reports

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  • BEC CC Roller Night

    BEC CC Roller Night

    Author: Stephen Allport | Date: 9th March 2017

    As the newly elected President of the BEC Cycling Club and self-proclaimed master of the Rollers, I felt it was my duty to retrieve the club rollers from the depths of storage, dust them off and organise a roller event after what seems to be a 15 year hiatus.

    The Sutton & Epsom Rugby Club was picked as a venue purely because it had a bar.

    The format was 2 x 500m Sprints and 1 x 500m Scratch Race (be warned 750m races will be revived in the future)

    We had 10 people sign in on the night which consisted of a few experienced old hands and a few first-timers, with a mix of abilities from accomplished track sprinters to good TT riders and ambitious road racers. There was no preconceived idea of who was going to be good at this.

    Heat One

    After a period of “I can’t ride against him, we’re using the same bike”; “Can I use your bike?”; “What pedals have you got on it?”; “Has anyone got a pedal spanner?”; “Can you make the saddle lower?” we were ready to start. All five races all got off to a good clean start, there were no mishaps and everyone finished within 2 seconds of each other. There were 4 riders getting under the 19 second mark, Jason Matthiae (18.34), Jake Butler (18.43), Kieran Butler (18.78) and Rob Taylor (18.97).

    Heat Two

    Most riders had an improved time however the biggest improvement was by Jake Butler who had the first sub 18 of the night with 17.73 making him the winner of the Aggregate Competition with a time of 36.16 seconds, Jason Matthiae in 2 nd with 18.64 (36.98), Kieran Butler 3rd with 18.42 (37.20) and Rob Taylor 4th with 18.56 (37.53).

    Scratch Race

    With handicap times calculated it was time to match people up in a head to head with the opportunity to win the scratch race. Riding off scratch, Jake Butler got his second sub 18 and the fastest time of the night of 17.65. This still wasn’t good enough for the win and he finished 3 rd behind his father, Keith Butler, with a time of 18.65 (-1.10) 17.55 winning him the Scratch Race. Shaun Marlor finished in 2nd place with a time of 19.37 (-1.80) 17.57.

    A great evening was had by all, and after the prize presentations it was time to descend to the bar and talk about doing it all again in October where we will hopefully get the promised Garry Beckett v Dave Sharman face off.


    The results can be found here.


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  • Autumn wrap up

    Autumn wrap up

    Author: Stephen Allport | Date: 18th November 2016

    Congratulations to Dom for winning the SCCU BAR for the fastest average speed over SCCU 25, 50 and 100 mile time trials this year, unfortunately he wasn't able to attend the Counties luncheon so Garry collected the trophy on his behalf.

    In club competitions, Andrew Greaves showed he's recovered from various injury's to retained his club hill climb title at this year Hill Climb.

    We then moved onto the speed judging competition this year's course was a couple of miles shorter due to road works and even though it's a new course nobody got lost this year, which given the events of last year is an achievement. It was tight at the top with Mark Day only 2s off his target time, the defending champion Shaun Marlor 4s off target and Shaun Kennedy third with 12s.

    The final event of the year was the free wheel competition where unsurprisingly Tim's rugby player mass helped him to the win.

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  • Dom Hill wins the SCCU 100  and the Bec wins the Team prize.

    Dom Hill wins the SCCU 100 and the Bec wins the Team prize.

    Author: Stephen Allport | Date: 26th July 2015

    An excellent ride for the Bec at the SCCU 100 in challenging conditions, with all four riders placing in the top 20. Dom won with a time of 4:09:32 ahead of Rupert Robinson (Crawley Wheelers) and Rob Pelham (Lewes Wanders). With a strong club finish James (4:18:38) and Andrew's (4:33:10) times completed the team award.

    Rider reaction:


    My 2nd half took 6mins longer than 1st. I found it hard to stay working hard with the distraction of all the water, but on the other hand pushing on was only way to stave off hypothermia. Felt not too bad yesterday pm but this am everything hurts! Happy with ride in circumstances, would like to have a crack at a fast 50 and 100 with my current form. 



    I wasn't expecting to go particularly fast, mainly due to lack of training so I was really pleased with my time. Experience counted for a lot, my pacing worked perfectly and the support team handed me exactly what I needed. I was ready for the wind and rain, so it didn't slow me too much.

    James before the rain:



    My ride was ok, given my decision to ride my road wheels with clinchers as an "insurance policy". My second 50 was 10 mins slower than the first, probably as a result of the heavy rain.

    Keith with the rain:



    Pleased with my ride, although it felt a bit brutal at times in the 2nd 50 trying to dodge the standing water of which there was a lot. No choice in places but to plough straight through them. I generally negative split and my legs felt wooden to start with, so even with the heavy rain my 2nd 50 was 1 minute faster then my 1st. After I'd finally got up to speed my average didn't fluctuate more then 0.1mph from 25m on! Only my 4th 100 and the first i think I've got right. PB possibly so fingers crossed I'll have got myself in the money on handicap.

    Andrew refuelling:


    Team Bec, a little warmer and drier back at HQ:


    Many thanks to the helper team of Peter, Tim and Sam for spending the morning in the rain:


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